Monday, February 24, 2020

Feature 57--YankeeCheesebox

I initially thought that this character was looking over her glasses out of shock, but no. This character was actually meant to be something of a snob. YankeeCheesebox definitely got the idea right, in that case. XD What snob wouldn't just sneer and look at someone like this? 
Personally, those eyes are absolutely gorgeous. Especially in the way they are set off by the background. That white-ish building back there is perfect for the character's colors to come forward. 

Very fun piece to start out with and the other two are going to be just as great! ^^
Rinzi and Tashi
Who doesn't want a large enough tub to be able to sit and cuddle with your love? These two have exactly that and they seem to be taking perfect advantage of it.
She mentions that she 'borked the candles' but I can't see anywhere that she made the mistakes. The burning wicks are setting off the perfect amount of light to give the water and hair the light they need and the characters are colored perfectly to make them look like they're in the foreground. But let's just take a look at that mustache the fellow has. That thing looks great to help set off that kiss.

Excellent work!
Fish and Leaves photo-mosaic
YankeeCheesebox mentions that the piece is actually a reworked variant of this one. If she hadn't brought this up, I would have thought that she had gotten a picture of both the water and the fish to repaint, this version is just that good.
The two fish were drawn and painted super well, with the one going under the disturbed water disappearing in a great way. And I enjoy how she painted the ripples from the leaves in this version.

I have to urge you guys to take a look at YankeeCheesebox's full gallery. She has some of the cutest little pieces that she sketched and painted. Definitely check out those cute little cat pieces she shows, as well as those scenes where her characters are playing around. ^^

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