Friday, March 20, 2020

Memory lane!

Ever seen something that you've done in the past and just had a rush of remembering things? I did as soon as I saw this:

"Try Me"

I can't remember for the life of me how I did that lineless style (though I bet it was more work than hiding them). And I was using GIMP at the time, too.
And how in the world did I get the clothes set up like I did here? This was drawn in 2006, while I was in the midst of my Sonic fandom--evil Super Sonic was the best. STC-O, I believe. Someone correct me if I misremembered!

Lyrea has calmed down to more of a basic Chaos instead of the 'entirely evil' thing that STC-O had based the idea on. Thank goodness. I couldn't have tolerated her even myself if she had kept to that old thing. On top of the fact, she was specifically created to be weaker than Super Sonic from the comic. I can't remember how many separations the Chaos order had in my personal playing around but she was the lowest of it.
Not that much more powerful than the basic character though, her powers were nothing the most supreme so that she could be played with some friends of mine. 

Gosh, it was so fun to go back down this memory. And I'm going to have to play around and create a more up to date version of her since I seem to still be playing with her. 
If I come up with something, you lot will be some of the first to know. ^^

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