Monday, March 23, 2020

Feature 61--Sameore

Lonely Jack
Jack Skellington from the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas". This is one of the first images that Sameore brings up that he is drawing with a mouse and, despite how dark the picture is, it's pretty easy to see the named character sitting at that desk. Poor ol Jack is shown to be so lonely that his depression seems to be consuming everything around him and keeping him in a dark cloud. It's shown pretty well, in my opinion!

Awakening Power
What do you see in this piece, Sameore asks in the artist's comment. What I personally see is a character in a multi-person party, perhaps he's a mage of some kind, who is sending an earth-splitting attack to the enemy that they're all facing! Maybe it's even sent some of the enemies out of the battle if the party has any luck!

For this next piece, I promised to give a bit of an NSFW warning. As I understand, it's meant to show some nudity.

Alien Contemplation (NSFW)
This character is a polymorphic alien named Billy. He usually shows himself as a small goblin and rarely as this humanoid form. He's meant to have another much larger form that he couldn't control himself with...I'd love to see that form sometime or another just to see what kind of nonsense he gets himself into. XD
The background that Sameore has drawn here looks great, doesn't it? I personally love the space that he put in this room. Or are those just small plants near the back wall? And it's fun to imagine what kinds of notes and technical drawings are pasted all over the walls just from those few we see back there. Super work!

I have got to say that I respect the art so very much since he made a specific note about them that I can truly feel since I've only had a tablet for a few years now. He used a mouse to draw all of these pieces and scenes! That takes an age just to make everything cooperate like you might want for your pictures. So you guys go to Sameore's deviantArt gallery and give him full respects while you enjoy the rest of his work. ^^

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