Thursday, March 26, 2020

Completed donut! And some excitement to share!

Part 4, level 2 of our lovely donut has been completed, and so has this donut entirely! I can't be any happier about that. ^^
Part 1, Level 3; creating reference for coffee cup

In other news, I am only two months out to be able to buy my new computer. I can hardly wait since this one won't even let me record a timelapse of a picture. ...yes, I should be thrilled, who cares if I can't render a video or an mp3, this computer is really tolerating the 3D stuff.
But I'm happy to be getting a new computer. It should be able to tolerate the 3D work and time-lapses, which I'll really need if I plan to ever get my Youtube page actually running. And when that ever happens, I'll be more than sure to set up a videos page on this site so they can get seen. ^^

And I just recently found a microphone that's meant to be some good for a VR chat. But...if I can buy that sometime (however slow it will be, what and coronavirus) it'll have to be much easier to do a quick voiceover on those timelapse recordings I plan to eventually do.

Did I ever mention that I have way too many ideas? Because that was two lovely examples of it. XD But, even if it takes me years to get things set up, I'll eventually get all of this to work in one form or fashion!

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