Monday, March 30, 2020

Feature 62--bbrfrmln-cfa

Graphic Novel Sneak Peek--Waterplane Pages
I personally really enjoy this whole piece. It's hard for me to choose what's the very best part of it though. Is it those super clean lines for the plane? Love the technical detail on the plane for certain, and just look how natural the propeller looks at this angle!
Also! Look at how well bbrfrmln-cfa has shown the movement of the water with those gentle waves. Can't blame those two people in the image for landing and having some fun. 
In all, this is an excellent piece!

Gwen looks like she's had an awful day, doesn't she? I'm afraid that I'm unfamiliar with what comics she's a part of but I really love how the scene in this picture has been set up. It almost seems like she's trying to get into the darkness for recovery purposes. (If she's a spider person, spiders tend to like dark places. So that's all I'm drawing that from.)
Can you imagine trying to get out of direct sight and noticing that broken bone at her knee, though? The thought makes me hope that it remained tolerable-numb until she was able to get out of danger!

S for Sith Lord
Is that sphere behind the character meant to be an escape pod? Because I can't help but think that the character front and center just might be the reason for it having not taken to the air. And if that is what the artist means for us to see, can you imagine how hard the pod had to have hit the ground?
bbrfrmln-cfa did a great job making the character come to the front in this image. 
And just take a look at all the detail on the character! I'd hate to accidentally run up on her anywhere. ...but maybe, before she decided to wipe me out, she'd let me admire that two-bladed weapon of hers?

Before I link to bbrfrmln-cfa's gallery, be warned that they say themselves that their art is "Erotic art, medical casts, fashion, bondage and all that together." Required warnings aside, here is the link to the gallery. You definitely ought to go and admire more of the work on a technical level!

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