Monday, September 9, 2019

Feature 35--eriklectric

Pink Flowers
This is a fun picture to start with, isn't it! I really enjoy how bright the flowers are against the green of the leaves. Aren't they so pretty? I wonder how long it took to grow them to get them to come out so great? Can't wait to see more of his gallery when I'm finished with this should do the same!

Dinosaurs at Sunset
I like how he referred to these in his artist's comments below the photo: "Six shipping cranes, arms pointed upward like the necks of a herd of brontosaurus". Doesn't that make your mind fly like mine with short story ideas for this picture? If this is a herd, what is that off to the right? Just more of the same or some other animals in the picture? And it's fun to imagine the power pole and power line in the background is some kind of predator chasing after these poor things! 
So fun!

Above the Clouds
And finally, one of the best scenery photos that I've seen in quite a long time! Look at the clouds lying on top of the mountain and then take a look at the trees in perspective! Doesn't it look like one of the paintings Bob Ross would have set up to show relaxation, had he been able to see it himself? (I love Bob Ross videos so this is some of the highest praise that I can come up with.) 

Like I mentioned before, you have got to see the rest of the photography in his gallery! Then the rest of his gallery--you should be able to get into the separate sections by clicking on the folders along the top. It'll be a well-spent hour or so!

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