Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Coffee Time, sketch 2.0

...Yes I have "demoted" this version a little to 2.0. BUT I'm still very happy with how it's worked out so far. When this one is actually finished, it's going to be a proud moment to put it on the Art page!
It's been very fun to play with this to this point so it can't do anything but get better on the final version!

All that said, I hope no one is going to be disappointed that I'm probably not going to do another comic for a little while? XD Still prefer my full images over this, however much fun it's been to learn some tricks and all for this one. I'll definitely be applying some of the shortcuts for this to some of my full images, though!

Before I leave today, I must say Thank You to a certain "bad influence" friend of mine for even making this idea begin to sound fun, what and all the short and hilarious comics he spits out at anything funny that crosses his mind. Just had to say!

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