Monday, September 2, 2019

Feature 34--TheSoullessRedbeard

My friend, TheSoullessRedbeard, showed me these three photos and I had to feature them. The subject is the Pfalzgrafenstein Castle and I fell in love with all of them. Hope you can enjoy these too!

Pfalzgrafenstein Castle
This is the one that I would have to admit is causing my story making brain to go insane. I have so many characters who would fight the others just for the right to stay in this one! (More fool to them though. As beautiful as this space is, it's probably freezing. XD) TheSoullessRedbeard and I were talking about how this location tended to get very flooded in the past and so he showed me this to demonstrate how high the walls and windows had to be to make it safe? 
So very glad that he did!

Boad made of Rock
So the first photo trapped me. This one made me oh so happy that it did! He did a very nice job with the angle here, it shows almost exactly how tall this "little" thing happens to be. Can you imagine needing to stay in something so high to keep the water out?

Pfalzgrafenstein Castle (color)
Our last photo on this feature is just as gorgeous as the rest. The mountain behind it appears to be so close from this angle! The Wikipedia states that this was a toll station in its time--'not to be ignored'? I don't personally see how someone could have! ...then again, some folks are really too stubborn... Let's hope that not many tried. XD

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