Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Coffee Time's gestures!

Gestures are finished!
Tip #1: Do not attempt to go through DeviantArt's search without knowing all the information needed for what you search for. This is a very well known thing to those of us who have been on that site for ages, but it seems that Eclipse beta hasn't begun to get straightened out on the search? At least before, it wasn't so hard to avoid bringing up a nude image starting from a low angle by searching for "slapping a table"! 
I hope that they can get things straightened out soon...we're all able to use more search terms than before, so I hope that the good folks will start adding them. (There'll always be users on that site whining that it's deviantart so they don't have to...but the majority are rule-abiding!)

Tip #2: Did you know that for thumbnail images on a comic thing, you don't have to use such strong attempts at perspective? I played a little too literally here and let it have too much focus, but I can't say that I'm upset with playing with the gestures. In a few days, I might go over the gestures at the far table again since Find the Way did better showing Valeon's action than this one did, but these are complete!

I had fun with the whole thing while getting to this point! whining like I did earlier about 'not doing this again' is moot. I'm probably going to make more short comics like this if I get any more ideas for them.

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