Monday, September 16, 2019

Feature 36--Colorstormu

Doesn't this look like a perfect coffee shop scene in the background? And take a look at how well Colorstormu drew the subject's figure! I think I love her hair most...and the folds in her sleeves just look exactly like what it should. 
...I'd do anything to have a coffee similar to what she has in front of her, too. XD

I've already squealed about how well he has drawn people, but this really shows his skill in drawing figures. Don't know much about the Inuyasha show at all, does Sesshomaru's hair fly like he's standing in the wind at all times? 
Aside from his hair, I'm impressed with how he's dressed. Colorstormu's done brilliantly with this whole thing. Excellent!

Hasn't Colorstormu done brilliantly with this background? I think that I'm in love with the movement of the water. Then above that, there's a village on the right side! His mastery of perspective is amazing in my opinion, everything looks like it's pushed back just like what would normally be seen. 
Super work on this one!

Everyone, you'll do yourselves such a favor if you go to Colorstormu's gallery and take a look at what else he's painted. Don't waste any more time here, go on!

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