Monday, August 26, 2019

Feature 33--DPasschier

Once More
I really enjoy that the motion on this is entirely the wind. And the tiredness that the model is showing fits the photo perfectly. I wonder what troubles she's meant to have been through? This is called 'once more' and it makes me think that she's just catching her breath to give another shot...maybe the last try, as tired as she appears. Then again, she could easily be just having a thought on how she's gonna try again?

Flame Trees
Love how he's taken this photo. It just looks like he pointed the camera up into the tree limbs to me. Or maybe he climbed up a little way? The red and orange colors are oh so bright against that sky... It's so fun to look at this piece, thank you very much DPasschier for sharing this one!

White Lion
What is it about the strongest of predators that makes them so very cute while they're sleeping? Housecats are one thing, but getting such a close photo of a lion. Wow! (Or is it merely zoom? I'm not sure I would care too much. XD) In the artist comments, he quotes Wikipedia that until a certain year, it was believed that white lions wouldn't survive in the wild--that's why there are so many of them in zoos or other wildlife 'rehab' areas. While it's sad that many of these didn't get to stay in the wild, at least they are getting to live out their lives. (Preferably not in concrete cages!)

If you've liked these photos, I have to insist that you check out his gallery. There are so many more!

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