Wednesday, August 28, 2019

An in-progress thing? Really?

It's been over a MONTH since I've posted anything of my own! *faint* Not that I'm sorry to have so many great pieces to feature...will definitely be keeping that up because it's so fun to see other people's work. But it feels so good to be relaxed enough to sketch some thumbnails of my own. XD

Does anyone at all remember when I threw some thumbnails for a piece called "Coffee Time"? Looking at the date there I'm gonna guess that most answers would be "no". (March was a long way away and not only on internet timekeeping! Goodness knows that even I had to look at the date to remember.)
I bring up that old thing because I've started playing around with it again. Found a better reference for the coffee shop itself and I've figured out a small story to connect it to another old picture! I won't be fully redrawing Find the Way just for this but it'll be fun to have some kind of reaction to that little tantrum of Valeon's.

Poor Cera and Haley, having their get together interrupted in such a way!
Having this come together has been great after having to rest for so long. May this drawing spurt not go dry anytime soon!

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