Monday, August 19, 2019

Feature 32--emilyldraws0303

Touhou Raiding Area 51
This is fun purely because emilyldraws0303 has done a brilliant job of showing the madness. XD I'm afraid that I don't know the characters that she lists in the artist comments, but I love the motion blur around the characters. Definitely shows that they're moving at speed!
The part that I enjoy about this the most would be the colors that she used and how she used them.

Light Speeding Witch
A character owned by Emily this time, named Aria. She's flying through the world at light speed, warping the background around her as she passes by. I wonder if she looks like those jets when they're traveling at that speed? Or could she even be seen, considering that she's a lot smaller than they are? The way that Emily drew the 'arrowhead' in front of Aria looks great, especially how bright it is at the very front. This sets off the character in the center very well.  

Lunatic Udonge
This is labeled as an original work, so the character must belong to her. And she wrote a little poem to fit the image in her artist comment, you should go to read it. Don't worry, it's only a few lines! And it explains what the character's doing, at least. The bright sparks must be the magic that the character is using and it draws your eyes to her (very much helped by that dark bit of fabric she's wearing. Gives your eyes somewhere to rest for a bit!).

You should go check out her gallery if you want to see more cute work:

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