Monday, August 12, 2019

Feature 31--isischneider

Frozen Bubbles
This first image is very fun to look at. There has to have been a bit of photo-manipulation going on here and it's really made the piece very interesting! I wonder how he got these streams of light to go all around the bottle? Whether by the light around it or if it has a light inside, the bottle really looks like it belongs to the piece. Excellent work, isischneider! 

crepuscular rays
Everyone knows by now that I'm gonna fall all over myself for a good sky photo, right? Good. Because this one fits the bill perfectly--he caught the cloud going over the tip of the sun and was able to share these magnificent shadows! 
I find the wind farm on the ground a very interesting break from what is happening in the sky. Can you imagine how slow these wind turbines are spinning? In all, a very enjoyable piece!

Old World Swallowtail
Can you imagine how still isisschneider had to be to capture such a good picture of this butterfly? They're so flighty that even the smallest nothing can make them flee! So just for that, I mark this a super picture. And look how bright the grouping of flowers are. That really sets off the butterfly in a great way.

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