Thursday, February 23, 2023

Lyrea, then and now


It's been an age since I've drawn this character, so I love how the more humanoid version is coming out. Thank goodness for for the pose too! (Not linking because it edges on the not so family friendly things since the photos are for artists.) There's at least a reference of some kind of clothes to put on her...

This is from all of 2006 or so, I think. XD Meet the total fanart that Lyrea once was!

It feels like it's been *ages* since I've seen this version. XD At least her purple jeans can be kept...I'm not so certain on what that blouse ever was. We'll have to see how it all works out come the finished linework of my current version! ...How did I forget her spatula on the stretching pose though!
I mean, in 2006, I was still trying to use GIMP. A very fine program but definitely more for making 3D work than just 2D stuff. How did I even do it? Goodness knows that I don't remember, but I bet that it's still great as a free program for people to play with.

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