Monday, February 27, 2023

Feature 199--phenomenom9


Flower Vase

Oh cool, this piece has some linework that was posted first in the gallery as "Flower Vase(bnw)". Really enjoyed getting to see that separately from the color version--and I love both of them. Back to this image though; I think that he balanced the yellows and pinks very well and the background does a lovely job letting the flowers be front and center. I wish I had a vase this big, myself.
Really had fun seeing this piece, great work! 


This cat has been placed in front of the perfect sky color, I think! It not only helps set off the yellow of the leopard and its spots, but just look at how the leaves' colors help to bring the cat into a better viewpoint.
This is just curiosity on my end but I wonder if this work was done with mouse? There seems to be a bit more control than a mouse can give too, so maybe some well created brushes that were used with a tablet? Nosiness aside, all of his work has been so very fun to see!


Lioness who has just come from the hunt, it looks like. And hasn't gotten to getting herself cleaned up yet while her stomach settles. Until the next time she has to stand up and help her sisters with things...
She seems to be lying on some taller stone, slightly off the ground to get away from some of the mess left behind after the hunt. And those trees behind her look perfect for the place she's living in.
Great work here!

I really did enjoy these pieces! Phenomenom9's gallery is right here, you need to check it out! He also gave me another link to his Instagram, which is here. It's fun to check both these galleries out!

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