Thursday, December 15, 2022

War room update and about AI "art"


Have been cleaning up lines for an age, haven't I? But here it is so far, just need to rebuild the characters, the seats, throw some paintings on the walls. And it's still been so much fun!
Do some sort of decals on those bits of fabric at the door...Best thing though is that I have been using this magical thing called layers so far. It's amazing how everything can be edited at this point without just putting things directly on top of each other...

Also, my tutor's noticed how dA is going so happy wild about the Stable Diffusion AI stuff. I've not been secret about how little I care for it myself, but Art-of-Akrosh is going to do a video about it all soon. And it's no secret about how poorly Stable Diffusion is doing, even dragging images off people's health records and other bits that are supposed to be private.

Here is his youtube short about the issue: Art-of-Akrosh youtube short

He'll be making a longer video about it later. I'll be sure to share the video here and my videos page when it comes up!

--Note, Wed 14--
Artstation apparently put out a statement to 'deal with AI yourself'. Art of Akrosh made another short about that:

Artstation Issues a statement on AI Art

So lazy, Artstation. I didn't know you were going to be so pitiful as dA.

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