Monday, December 12, 2022

Feature 190--kitpaint


Ink. This is made in ink for Inktober and oh doesn't it look so pretty! To me, it looks like he's taking a look outside to breathe in the dark and enjoy that moonlight.
But just look at how well kitpaint made those lines! It looks properly night time to me, and I'm really enjoying how the shadow is over the bushes and trees behind the character. Excellent piece!


This is apparently a little black kitty that kitpaint drew. I wonder how hard it was to get the kitten's attention before a photo was taken? Granted that's assuming kitpaint needed a photo!
Either way, the angle this was drawn in seems quite nice to me. How hard was it to control the micron pens to make pieces as lovely as this? And can't you just see how furry the kitten in question is?
Love it!

Lion cub in pen

Here is some more of that shading that I'm so in love with. Doesn't kitpaint do a lovely job in making not only such a lovely shadow, but the whole animal come out in 3D? I could just see this little one on his or her way to bother a sibling or one of the parents. Because that is a definite rule with any kind of cat.
I mentioned it once in the Lottie piece too, but isn't it just something with how kitpaint can make such texture with the cub's fur the way they did? Gorgeous!

These were some amazing pieces! To see more, here is the link to kitpaint's deviantart gallery.

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