Monday, December 5, 2022

Feature 189--Salad1V


Safenea Porphyrogenita

This is a ruler who was born in the proper Royal purple. The text is Byzantine and Arabic cursive, as I understand from the artist comments. I really enjoy how the dress and the crown look; the jewelry on them were quite well done.
And the most interesting part of it all? She's a redraw of a character that Salad1V had designed previously. All respect for learning more on the arts! Love both versions, myself, so it was fun to share this.

Hypergorm head closeup

Another very very well designed bird/dinosaur! It's always fun to get to see these kinds of work, and this one has an excellent story about how the creature lives and how they'll lay their eggs before time to go back to their own lives. Definitely check it yourself, it won't be time wasted.
Amazing work here!


I love how well Salad1V put together this scene! These two birds/dinosaurs look excellent and they are so clear against the icy sea they're in front of. And I would be wrong to not mention how well that sky was painted for the time of day it is.
Also, the bird standing in front seems to be in a perfect hunting pose. Can't you just imagine how this one would just bolt off at full speed for whatever creature it's eyeing so hard? Excellent work!

These three images were so fun to share! If you'd enjoy seeing more of this kind of art, Salad1V's gallery is right here. Enjoy yourself there!

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