Thursday, October 27, 2022

Oh I needed that time...And Ael is finished!

 Between doctor visits and life issues that family was having, it was good to have the break I took...though quite longer than I intended! Expect a feature on the 31st and everything should go right back onto schedule as it was! ^^

I'm sure most folks saw when I posted Ael on the Art page, but here he is again fully complete:

Of course the cat would be right there on the counter and turned off stove, right? XD Had some very helpful suggestions from my Tutor what I could have done to just help things the whole way around too, it's always great to hear from him when things are finished! <3

And if I were smarter than I am today, I would have gotten properly started on my homework lessons. Will be going back to working with drawing the cubes and adding cylinders and cones to them, can't wait to have something to show!

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