Monday, October 31, 2022

Feature 185--hyacinthandsal

Damage Control

If only shouting 'damage control' would clean up any messes in the area. It'd be so easier than what we already why hasn't anyone invented this yet?
And what a terrible way to run a club that is supposed to be for yogurt! Throwing it in the floor instead of being able to eat it all? Terrible least the one who is cleaning up seems to recognize the issue. Perfect for a giggle!

Nature of Sage

That fox girl thinking she's really getting into reading...really made me laugh here.
Gosh if only getting into reading and understanding the whole book was so easy!'s honestly more fun to actually read instead of just glancing at things. Pity the fox gal isn't going to get it til she finally checks one out!

No Joke

Oh yes. Dad getting a joke is definitely the way to tell when one is actually funny, right? ...that or Hyacinth has just barely learned the magic of a proper dad-joke and how it definitely makes everyone else groan.
Love this one so much! But I've always had a soft spots for bad jokes. Especially ones that are just told in the calm and quiet of what is probably a living room. Thank you so much David for showing that these jokes have their times and places.

To see more of these great works, here is hyacinthandsal's dA! Be sure to check all of it out, it'll so be worth it! He also has a link to his

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