Monday, August 29, 2022

Feature 180--CursedAtlas


King Kong

That is such a fun sky color for the fighting going on. Could you imagine being grabbed by a ginormous ape like this?
The planes were drawn super well and I can't help but enjoy their colors. Makes them super easy to see even if the giant ape isn't swatting or crushing one. Very enjoyable!

The Magician's Nephew

I wonder how high the pegasus has carried the kids? The texture of the grass makes me think that it's gone very high, blurring the trees and the grass below them.
Speaking of the grass, take a look at the mountains! They do a lovely job at setting off the horse's white coat. And it's so obvious that the hooves are made of some type of metal-like stuff, look at how the light is shining off that one!
Lovely job here. ^^

America Sings

Aha, these fellows!  I can't tell if their furball friend is a dog or a cat but I enjoy how furry the animal looks. There's hint of them having been at Splash Mountain in the comments on the piece, too. If it was an actual show, I bet that it was a very nice one.
I'm having a lot of fun imagining all of these sitting on hay bales or just in the dry grass while they're singing and playing after many hours of working on a farm. Perfect way to end a busy day!

These pieces were so fun to see! If you're interested in seeing more of CursedAtlas' work, here is his gallery.

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