Thursday, August 25, 2022

Have been playing minecraft

I spawned in a pretty good space that has a game caused hole in the center, so of course Norux would find himself wanting to care for them, right? XD Have been building a little bit so far, trying to remember how to make things look different than just boxes. So far so good!

The white building on the right is supposed to be a shopping center of some kind and the houses behind that are the two I've recently built. The large building in the center is a far too large barn but the horses, cows, llamas, and sheep are well protected from my game's addiction to rain. Don't worry, the ground in there is grass under the animals' feet!

Of course, the villagers are just so grateful for the new fence around the hole. Super grateful. Can't you see how happy that they won't fall down that giant, game-created hole?

With that success, I felt it more than proper to build a bridge from where my elemental (Norux) lives to this town. They seriously want to thank him so so much for protecting them so of course it needed to be made easier.


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