Monday, August 1, 2022

Feature 176--CrystalHanleyArt

Furry Commission

First, let me squeal about all that sparkle in that tone of background. I love how it was placed and how well Crystal balanced it against the character. Didn't she do such a lovely job in setting off the character with the white glow behind that gal?
Something my eyes haven't been able to come away from is just how very well she was able to paint the character's brown hair, too. Definitely looks like I could just run my hands through it all, with the character's permission, and everything would just fluff so very pretty. Loving this piece!


There we are again with a lovely background to set the character against. This time, it really does help to bring Tataru forward and it really helps the eye focus, in my opinion.
The texture of the hat and feather and blouse also is so fun. Crystal did lovely in mimicking what the game shows with it all. And just look at how she did in painting Tataru's eyes! I personally adore them. What a fun piece to get to focus on for a little bit!

Sailor Neptune

Crystal mentions in her artist comments that she learned how to do eyes a bit differently for this piece. I can see it, it fits quite well on this chibi style. And it definitely looks like she enjoys Sailor Neptune with all the attention that this piece got.
I personally love how she managed to balance the shades of green on this piece without making them bleed into each other and losing focus or something of that like. It's not at all only the layers that Paint Tool Sai 2 has; she was able to see and show the proper shades in the skirt, wristbands, and hair. Lovely work!

You guys have got to see more of crystalhanleyart's work; so here's the link to her gallery. All of her work is just as amazing as what you see here!

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