Thursday, August 4, 2022

Build in Newcrest (Sims 4)

That Oak Tree

Finding this oak tree in debug was about the best thing I coulda found in my life. XD It works perfect with that fishing pond beside it and fills up that back yard perfectly. And since both of those were found in debug, they cost nothing! That's always a gift in Sims when things are free. 

One Bedroom, One Bathroom house

Yeah, I was saying how lucky it is to not have to pay for landscaping. I still haven't managed to make a place that's less than 20,000 so I'm absolutely sure that if I had bought those two for the back yard, this house would definitely cost more than 22,528. Let's ignore that the pond has to be found in debug if you want to fish; at least how I've learned so far!

And yes, of course. I'm cheatery enough to landscape in debug. The recycle bin on this side of the sidewalk is the Trash Talk recycle bin created by Ravasheen.  Link provided for anyone else who likes to add to their Sims 4 experience. (If other players can even get their game to run at the moment. May EA get their hides in gear and actually finish the mess they're giving us if they expect us to put more money on it!)

Free roof, anyone?

The characters who may move into this house didn't pay me for a decent roof so they can at least have the Keeps Rain Out version. XD This was my first attempt using a roof on the two curved sides that you can see on my previous picture...but it sure doesn't give me a free pass with how poorly I made the roof on the flat top. Was fun though and it fits the purpose, right?

That said, does anyone have tips to put together a roof in Sims 4? I could always use some links to where other players are showing us what to do!

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