Monday, July 25, 2022

Feature 175--ScottMackayArt


The Mandalorian and the Child

Have to squeal about how "Baby Yoda" (actually named Grogu) looks. Of course he'd be flying along in a small baby basket, fully proper in the Star Wars fantasy. I should really try to see some of this show, Cannot help but wonder how badly Grogu drives this Mandalorian insane.
Love how ScottMackayArt painted this desert-like background, it looks exactly like how I'd imagine a location in the Star Wars universe. Can you believe that this was painted in watercolor? That perfect sky is watercolor. The armor and fabric on Mando too. How hard was it to control the paints to make them stay where they were meant? And how in the world did he manage to make everything so solid looking?
Amazing work!

The Wizard's Library

There is Gandolf's hat! And then the map, isn't it painted great? On top of all that, I am amazed by how perfect that book in the middle of the desk looks. Does the magic all around and in the scrolls happen to play or get used by the playing cards, I wonder? This area really does look like a perfect section to get to sit down and get to work in private...betcha that with the spellbooks and scrolls all around, it'd be so easy to hide the place in plain sight if needed. I wish that I could go through the books on that bookshelf. Wasn't it designed perfectly with all the items that fit in each of the cubbies?
If you click the image and check out his artist comments, there's a whole 'spot them all' game that he actually put in this piece. All of the items are there, too!


A full pen and ink piece! And you have got to respect the perspective knowledge and measurements that had to go into this drawing. It's amazing to me. According to Scott, it took a few weeks...I can see why it would take that long. And I really enjoy getting to see the lines on the left and on top that he used to help measure parts out.
He definitely has a a form of control of the ink he used on this. Full and total respect for this piece entirely!

You have to see more of ScottMackayArt's work, right? His gallery is here; go and get lost in all of the work he's put all his time in!

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