Monday, July 18, 2022

Feature 174--bee-yu

Ocean inside my head

Oof, I feel this one. Being pulled underwater, so one can only struggle against too many arms holding them under, running out of breath. Running out of time...
Didn't Bee-yu do a lovely job showing the edge of the water on the character's face? Showing us how hopeless fighting against all of this is? This is why someone else; having the courage to reach into the water and grabbing the trapped person, fighting against the thoughts and strength keeping us down; can never be thanked well enough for the rescue. Because that's exactly what it truly is...

Sad elf with roses

This poor lady! Was she left at the wedding altar? That dress sure looks like she's stuck there, still holding the flowers that she had to carry up the path, poor thing.
Also, look at how beautiful her hair is! It almost looks like you could run your fingers through it, if the elf would allow. And doesn't the see through sleeves fit perfectly with the way this dress was designed? I love it! That white dress is also catching so much color, it's so gorgeous.
Excellent work!

Etiennie, the knight

Look at all the blood on this armor...may none of it be the soldier's! What kind of battle is Etiennie still in the middle of? I put my money on the fight not being done because what other than the foe would be getting that look in this moment's breath?
I absolutely love how the sun is shining on the armor, as if the clouds all around are just starting to crack. And just look at how the cloak seems like it's almost as heavy as the blade at the moment. May Etiennie catch breath in time to crack the enemy into many pieces!

Weren't these three pieces amazing? If you'd like to see more of bee-yu's work, you'll find the gallery here. Check everything out!

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