Monday, July 11, 2022

Feature 173--azureheim

Half Orc Rogue

This character appears to be so fun to play! Azureheim created her when he was playing a dungeons and dragons game with his friends and I so wish that there was a copy of the story to get to read.
The leather he painted as her armor looks very stiff, like one would hope a leather armor to be when facing swords and even knives like she's holding. Aren't those also drawn and painted super well? Excellent work; love her!

Dwarven Warrior

How do you think Azureheim managed the armor that this dwarf is wearing? I personally really enjoy the chainmail that's under the arm and legplates. It looks perfect in my opinion!
And what do you think about how that scar was handled? What other scars is hidden by all this metal? Also have to just squeal; just look at that beard! It looks so thick!
Super enjoy this guy!

Female Paladin Cell-shaded

Speaking of armor, he gets us again with this lovely paladin. I wonder what gods or, dare we guess the possibility, what devil is powering her ability to fight?
We get to see a touch of chainmail that was put on this character. Is it a specific brush that Azureheim found or created? I can't help but love that bit of texture it lends to the whole image! And just look (and drool) at the fabric coming down from her belt. Looks like it'd be perfect to make it harder to keep up with where she is--is she being watched or is how the fabric dances keeping the foe's attention?

Love the way that azureheim set up these characters, they're so fun to imagine stories and what they meet for! To see more of his awesome work, check out his gallery here!

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