Thursday, July 7, 2022

My First Werewolf in Sims 4

I should have caught many more screenshots but everything was happening so quickly. I loved it though, it was hilarious! XD First though, let me introduce you to the Sim in question:

Meet Herbert Castillo

So this dude is a werewolf, shown clearly on the Sim information to the lower right. That ball full of red is his rage meter. Something that I should have kept a much better eye on, as you'll see. But right now, he is at the bar in Moonwood Mill, enjoying himself. He's even found the karaoke spot!

He was able to sing for a good bit, enjoying himself like one wouldn't believe. But eventually the lack of tips from the few folks that kept dropping in and out finally got to him. He burst into werewolf form and went on a full rampage!

...maybe the jukebox was playing 'What does the Fox say?'

This is where I couldn't catch the most of the needed screenshots. Herbert went through this little bar/campground area destroying everything. But, when he managed to pull himself back under control (it took soooo long to get control of him again! XD) at least he had the self respect to start patching a few things that he destroyed.

How *dare* he have attacked the bathroom! D=

So it took a little more repairing to be finished with all the work he had to do and back to the karaoke section again...

Let's hope people tip him this time...

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