Monday, July 4, 2022

Feature 172--stelladrawsart

Pink Lemonade

Can I just say how cute these eyes were painted? I love the reflection and the color fits so amazing with what the character is wearing. Especially with the pink hair above and in the back!
The little moon earring fits perfectly too. It almost looks like her eyes could be painted as if giving a respect to space itself? If that was an idea, it was super well done! And could I just mention how I love the linework that was done with this. Wonder how long it took, because it's great!

Fluffy Twintails!

Has anyone else fallen in love with how stelladrawsart creates her hairstyles? You can just tell how thick this hair is just by the drawing and painting style for this. And can I just mention how awesome she is at using those thin lines? She's always able to force those lines to do everything that she wants of them. Respect them.
But we have got to get to the painting too. This character's skintone sets off everything else she painted and helps the hair and those gorgeous eyes just come forward! Excellent work!


I admit to know nothing about genshin-impact, but stelladrawsart makes me want to know so much more. Just look how she drew this character, making her look so powerful just by winds and magic. And doesn't the scene look to be something hinting toward winter?
I must squeal about how well stelladrawsart handled the eyes again, and I think it goes without saying that she does such a beautiful job on the hair. Love and love this piece entirely!

You've seen these three pieces so that excites you to see the rest of stelladrawsart's gallery right? Here's the link, drop by and be prepared to admire some excellent work!

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