Monday, April 4, 2022

Feature 160--KBDraws92

Prompt: Valley of the Giants

Here's an amazing piece to start us off with this feature! In the art chat, there are weekly challenges to draw and this is KBDraws' response to one of them.
Can you just imagine crossing the mountaintop to come face to face with these furballs? I'd just be happy that they're both, currently, quite distracted. And just look at how well she painted the grassy mountains! Plus the way the water is splashing with the cat's lapping it up.
Not to mention, don't you almost want to pet those cats..? Better have a potion of growth or something so that they don't mistake you for some kinda plaything.

Treat Yourself to some Air

Man, I really understand this piece. Sometimes it's just too difficult, too much effort to go outside. Sure, I'm talking through the lens of Multiple Sclerosis, but KBDraws did a super job with this. How dead and drab the inside of the house is, aside from the characters looking outside. I can just see their dreaming of escaping, even for just a few minutes!
And aren't those tulips/flowers adorable? They do a lovely job in opening the invitation to just do something to get a little of the outside in.
Try not to leave yourselves trapped, friends!

Biblically Accurate Angel

I saved the best for last! This is another weekly challenge from the art chat and oh. my. gosh. didn't she have the best answer for it?
I am in love with all of the eyes here, something well seen on any description or image painted of them. And didn't she use the best character for the situation, too? I could just see them in this kind of pose and...moments later, asking if they may get out of the costume. After very politely waiting for the painter to be done, of course!

So I'm aware that you have to click the actual links instead of just the images this time. That's my lack of html knowledge. It was fun to see more than just deviantart, though, wasn't it? To see more of KBDraws92's awesome work, here is the link to her twitter gallery!

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