Thursday, March 31, 2022

Sims 4 - Building another Small Home

Remember that I built a slightly larger home for a sim last time? Ever since doing that, the location right beside him was looking so so lonely. Someone had to step up and build something on that empty plot!


So that's exactly what I did. Here's the base for the home, already at 89 of 100 tiles. It loses two whole tiles somewhere in the next few hours of building but nothing's really lost. For a tiny home, this is a perfect size!

Bedroom, Study, Bathroom

I don't know what it is about the ceiling fans, but they're always so fun to put in a bedroom. And this one had been begging for something from the top so this fit out perfectly. The Sim to live here is lucky to have a full bathroom beside the bed and a nice little study right below where they'll sleep. Nothing to stop the guests from wandering all around but isn't that the case for all Sims? Better keep that laptop locked up tight!
And threw a garden area in the yard because it was asking for something. Fits perfectly!

Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom

Still in love with how that little dining area in the kitchen worked out. And the kitchen was surprisingly cheap for how I normally do everything. That small bathroom works perfectly as a small step-aside for both the kitchen and the living room so...hopefully that'll keep most of the nosy guests out of where they shouldn't be. (Hah! Such is the hope, anyway.)
Living area worked out perfectly too. There's a small stereo on the bottom right corner, a television in the center of the room, with a gosh darn comfortable couch and love seat surrounding the tv.

Roof and Garden

And here is the final shot of this whole location. Metal roof with a couple wind generators to help keep the price low. Isn't it such a steal at 34,331 simoleans! I'm sure that the line must be out the realtor's door, so who knows. Maybe you can nab this place as a second home with your sweetheart or it'd be perfect for a sim who is just learning to go around town.
Realtors are just waiting!

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