Monday, March 28, 2022

Feature 159--Awsomejet3D


Luoleena Hirosanma

This was inspired by a piece that Awesomejet saw--details in artist comments.
I enjoy how Luoleena's boots were drawn (with just that little bit of shading underneath) and the pink fits so nice with her yellow dress! The character's design makes me wonder what all she does for work. Surely not just housework, right, with those lovely boots and pearls?
Lovely work, Awsomejet!

Adora Horde Captain

Adora, Princess of Power, in her uniform and ready to go!
I enjoy the hints of muscles that Awsomejet added to this image. There's no reason that the female version of He-Man should be the size of a stick--and this one really makes her look like she can actually manage to do some of the fighting required.
Can't help it, I love her. Super work!

Aphelion GFV cover art preview

Super neat to get to see this book cover, I didn't realize that Awsomejet3D did visual stories! There are links to buy the book in his artist comments, so if you're interested, you'll be able to buy and check out his writing and drawings in the books.
The back cover text really does its job in trying to make someone interested in the story, in my opinion, and isn't the front cover just amazing? The soldier in front of the planet and the woman in back (princess? queen?) really gets my attention.
Amazing job here!

Weren't all of these pieces great? If you'd like to see more of Awsomejet3D's work, here is the link to his gallery! Don't forget to check out the links in his artist comments to the book, too, and look around for more!

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