Monday, January 10, 2022

Feature 148 - Nathdeviant456 and ibenz009

Radiant Force

I find it very interesting that the characters' colors in this image is a result of their powers; Sapphire Force, Ruby Force, Emerald Force, and Amethyst Force. Aren't the abilities listed underneath this piece just very interesting? I wonder how they all work in hard times?
Most interesting is that these color changes seem to be permanent. There's always some kind of penalty when powers come into existence, at least this is absolutely cool. Love it!

Radiant Force: Golden Force

The mentioned Golden Force is because of that stone the girls are standing around. Can you imagine how excited they would have had to be? According to Nathdeviant456, this is a power-up of sorts from the main colors shown in the first image.
I have got to wonder what kind of monsters would have to deal with the upgraded abilities that are told about? At least I'm certain that it's well and deserved in their world!

Radiant Force: Stone Cold Reunion

Gosh to be turned into a stone statue! And the one who did this has turned two other people into such as these? What in the dickens happened to cause that! (Note: Check out the story's link at that page there to learn!)
Personally love the shock frozen on that poor girl's face. She definitely wasn't expecting was this other character a friend when they were so ready to freeze her and the other two like this? Love the piece!

The person who came up with the ideas and storyline for "Radiant Force" is Nathdeviant456. Here is his gallery, and if you find even more interest in the story? Here is the twitter link where he keeps up with everything Radiant Force! Have fun!

ibenz009 is the amazing artist who has done all of the works in this feature. His deviantart gallery is right here, he has so many amazing bits of art. Check everything out, his work is amazing! Can you believe he does such a great job with all of those figures?

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