Thursday, January 6, 2022

4-Story Tiny Living build, Sims 4

Outdoor and Sitting Area, floor 1

When you first go into this house, you're greeted with the sitting area to entertain guests and read or watch television in. And what house wouldn't have a fully operational bathroom in easy reach?  (Thank goodness for bb.moveobjects on! That's the only way that the sink, toilet, and shower works out in just three tiles. XD)

Outdoor and Kitchen, floor 2

Can you believe the kitchen has room for 3 sims to sit? It shocked me when that finally worked out--at least the Sim who lives here can have guests. XD He or she should be quite pleased with that, as small as I cut everything down to be...Fridge, counter, sink and a dishwasher underneath the counter so it has everything that a good kitchen ought to have.

Outdoor and Study, floor 4

In my eternal intelligence, I forgot to get screenshots of floor 3 (that floor that's only showing as brick with few windows). That was just a teeny bedroom and bathroom with a tub instead of shower. Nothing much to really miss...but just take a look at that nice study. Chess set, couple of bookshelves, computer, and an instrument on the left. I imagine that this is the space that the character who lives here would spend most of their time in.

I am clearly still having plenty of fun with this Tiny Living pack that I bought a little bit ago! What do you think of my first 4-story house? Would you have other ideas to try out? Let me know!

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