Monday, January 3, 2022

Feature 147--MariposaBullet

Sweet Little Devils by the Sea

Just off screen is the group of guys having a drinking party and just being silly. One of them apparently was a little drunk and had a hard time keeping his footing when he was walking in the water, thankfully three of the girls were close enough to give him a helping hand!
Doesn't this scene just look like they're on a beach next to the ocean? The sky is just amazing and the water echoes that. Plus, just look at those trees, weren't the leaves painted perfectly?

Ready to Party!

A sister-image to the one just above. These two weren't close enough to anything to really see what happened, clearly, so they're just enjoying their drinks and chattering.
This image puts me in mind of a postcard designed to share where they all were. Something to help keep the memories? I think it would do that just perfectly! And it explains how the sea and everything are at an angle. Very fun piece!

Steadfast Loyalty and Fighting Spirit - Taishi Ci

And here is a character from Dynasty Warriors 7, Taishi Ci. His weapons are apparently named Tiger and Wolf, I wonder how he uses them in battle?
Loving how animated the sky looks. Nothing in this scene is meant to be peaceful--there's a battle going on, of course! Can't you just hear the thunder roaring along with the characters' battle shouts? And let's just hope that old stone wall (perhaps some kind of sun dried brick?) can stand the attacks going all around it.

I was so excited to see that MariposaBullet had graced me with more of her work! They're always fun to get to see. Her gallery is right here, go see more of her amazing drawing and painting; and don't forget to check out the folders at the top!

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