Thursday, December 30, 2021

Sims 4, Tiny Living build

Inspiration here

This will be my build based on lilsimsie's 2-story Tiny Living build.  So let's get started!

bb.moveobjects on to the rescue!

This little 1x3 bathroom works out because there's a tiny wall-shower, like what you may see in a college bathroom. Since the sims can step through the shower instead of having to go around it, it's a perfect sized bathroom/wet room for these tiny living builds!
bb.moveobjects on is a well known cheat code to be able to make things go to a specific location...say making the bathroom door and shower share a tile instead of forcing me to work all around it. Really a great cheat for tiny houses in general!

Right here is showing where I placed a couple of tiny flowers on the corners of that outdoor walkspace. I'm quite happy with that 'genius' idea, myself and why should the sim care if they're probably never going to be interested in checking that out?
Will probably throw something else on that space but I don't know what yet. Also, you can see the general theme of how the outside area is going to look by the time I'm finished.

The Sims that live here are probably going to hate it but I have always liked the idea of a floor that mostly has windows all around. This is also upstairs. Surely there shouldn't be too many characters that can just stare inside, right?

Here is the finished upstairs. A Murphy bed with a seating area in that space above the kitchen (non killer bed because of a CC thing I picked up) with a television in front. Behind the TV and bookshelf is an easel and three bookshelves with a drawer underneath to place stones and whatnot, then at the bottom is a computer and ladder to get downstairs.
I swear that sims better not be using that bathroom more than the one I put downstairs. XD

This is the main area of the house with the front door just to the left of the bookshelf. Then a homework/eating area in front of the kitchen, right beside a room with a toilet. To the left of the ladder that goes upstairs is a couch and television area! I'm currently considering putting a wall-stereo just beside the couch, but we'll see.
At the moment, this house also gets the rank of "cheapest build I have ever created". Haven't decorated the yard or anything yet but it really shouldn't get too much more expensive!

By the last image, the price really hasn't gone up too much. This is still very comfortably one of the cheapest locations I've ever built. XD That isn't exactly what lilsimsie was pointing out with /her/ build but for me, it's one of the best things ever!

(don't forget the prayers and good wishes for everyone that multi-state tornado hit on the 11th (in the US). Here are some spaces to offer donations to help the victims of that storm: )

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