Monday, December 27, 2021

Feature 146--TheKohakuDragon

OC_Tober Day 1: The Caretaker

A healer's task is never ended, no matter if the patient is a dragon. And it's so clear that this healer, Nero, does not mind at all helping Eos.
Oh my gosh, isn't the dragon's design so amazing? She seems to be so fuzzy and that just makes her all the more adorable. I wonder if she would be offended if asked about touching her? Let's not ignore Nero for the sake of seeing all of the other details, he looks so very much like many of the other healers I have read about in written stories. Love his coat and how his magics just look perfect for this job!

OC_Tober Day 5: The Beauty

Love love how her skin has been painted. It looks so natural! And her green eyes work so perfectly with her hair and dress!
Her name is Stella. She looks to be very kind so she must be a beautiful character to get to learn about in her story. Speaking of, I wonder if this is a ballroom? It really does seem like we're about to say hello, or maybe ask her for a dance. And that dark sky in the background! It definitely helps to keep the eyes on Stella's features.
Beautiful work!


What kind of enemies would go after these kids! ...or rather, what kind of trouble would those three find for themselves, to be rescued just in time by their parents. If the kids are going to end up in any amount of trouble with Rigel and Altair, may they have at least gotten to do something grand!
But that's not an issue for right this moment. Without a doubt these guys would be great at dealing with whatever decided to cause problems for the kids. They're too well designed to not be a hero-type in their story!

It was great fun to write this feature for these three pieces! To see more of TheKohakuDragon's artwork, her gallery is right here. Like always, I must insist that you check out the folders at the top of her gallery and just enjoy yourself!

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