Thursday, January 13, 2022

50x40 Lot in Henford-on-Bagley (Cottage Living)

It Starts
Have to admit that I've been eyeing this lot for a bit. It's one of the biggest spaces in Henford-on-Bagley and it was more than ready to be built on!
For this image, that's the bathroom nice and lit up--all of three tiles (thanks for bb.moveobjects on!) The Sim will be able to walk over the chosen shower instead of having to go through anything and can reach the toilet and sink. And of course the place has to be Off The Grid, right?

First image is just to share the excitement of finding a light that is bright enough for Off the Grid madness. Yes, a one floor Tiny House is only 32 tiles but it can be oh so hard to find a decent light source! Some of those that hang from the ceiling can be so gigantic, it's madness.
On the second picture, you can see the Murphy bed and two bookshelves, the bathroom, and the kitchen. There's a television hanging on the wall close to the bathroom that I *wonder* about, what and the place being off the power grid, but bah. At least there's a small chance.

The floor near the bed is carpet, it switches to tile for the kitchen and eating nook, then goes to a dark wood for a few tiles because I couldn't decide. It was still a fun thing!

This is the full size of the lot, since I realized that I'd forgotten to share that earlier. Even with the chicken coop and the cow's barn, along with even the little farmland space, there was still way too much empty area to just leave undone.

Doesn't it hold a lovely little lake? I forgot to stock it in my version but I'm certain it'd be a great fishing area if your sims enjoy playing at the water!

This lot is shared on the Sims 4 Gallery, if you're interested in playing with or editing this
in any way; just look up CeraNecci and find 2 Olde Mill Lane.
Important to this lot: I have a Custom Content mod from Icemunmun in place to keep a Murphy Bed from fully killing a Sim. (icemunmun_MurphyBed_NODeath_override)

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