Monday, January 17, 2022

Feature 149--waitthk


Genie of the Lamp

This image draws my attention to the smoke and grassy details first. Only then do I see how well designed that lamp is!
When attention is drawn away from those, I immediately see how relaxed the genie appears to be, like she is purposely resting instead of instantly going to her feet. Can't blame her for that, if the person who freed her will be specifically rude about it, it's a perfect way to choose how well or poorly the wishes shall be granted.

Day of the Deviant

DeviantArt regularly does a 'Day of the Deviant' fun day-week. This is waitthk's answer to it! I have personally fallen in love with how they drew the witch-like character flying around to make deliveries. I can't help but agree with a comment they got on this piece, this does look very much like something I would expect to see from Studio Ghibli.
It's not even just the colors. Take a look at how everything in this was designed. Amazing work!

Girl in Holo Jacket

Love love love how the jacket reflects the color like it's doing! I wonder how long it took to get it to paint and blend like it has right here? Of course I'm 100% in line with how metallic-appearing the less-colored areas are. And it looks to be much warmer than a windbreaker too!
The girl's eyes are perfect to go with her blonde hair and how the rest of the colors work out. But I can't help but wonder how long it took her to get her hair pulled up that way? It's perfect!

Weren't these images great to see this week? To view more of waitthk's artwork check out their deviantart gallery! Don't forget to check out their folders at the top, like I keep saying. Don't want to miss anything!

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