Monday, June 7, 2021

Feature 120--Zeemalken

OC - Meridia

Interesting! Zeemilken mentions this character is a human/demon breed who normally doesn't show emotion on her face. (She has emotions, just doesn't show them.) I have to wonder exactly how this character works in her story. And can I mention how nice that hair looks? I love how Zeemalken painted that.
Also in love with that scythe. That has to be a very fun weapon to write about.

OC - Gwen

Love that smirk on Gwen's face; it looks like someone is about to get served a very painful burst. Bet they totally deserve it.
The blonde that was used in her hair seems so realistic to me. Those clothes she's wearing look amazing. Zeemalken gave some great attention to all of it, don't you think? I think my favorites are the skirt and the gold that is holding up the edge of the boots.


This tiger, Zeeva, belongs to Gwen from our last image.
And oh. my. gosh. Look at that fur! If only I could scratch that cat without the obvious problems that would come from it...Argh, it would so be worth it!

These three pieces are from Zeemalken's dA, weren't they amazing? Make sure you check out the folders along the top of the gallery to be able to see all of her work!

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