Monday, May 3, 2021

Feature 116--Confuzzledlion

Snow Princess

Confuzzledlion mentions that they were trying to get used to digital art with this piece. They did brilliantly with the 'snow' here, it looks perfect. But let's just look at the character: I really enjoy how well they drew and painted the pose and clothing. I love how they got the 'weight' of the clothing with this, the sleeve is drooping perfectly, in my opinion!
Let me just mention how thick the hair seems to be. It and that ribbon are both adorable!

Azumi Kihara

I may have said it once but it's still very true: I have all the respect for people who can draw and paint traditionally. Confuzzledlion did a brilliant job with choosing what colors to put on here--black and purple is always a great match in my opinion. 
Especially when it comes out as well as this did! Could you believe that this piece was created from a random word challenge? Double the respect for being able to set things up so perfect and cleanly for one of those!

In Bloom | Redraw

A smile despite the tears falling from her eyes. Definitely makes me think that the character is pretty strong. And aren't those blossoms in the background just so adorable? They frame her so very well.
Let me get back into the hair again, doesn't it look so fluffy like it would be so fun to run your hands through it? (Maybe once she's not all teary, of course!)
As the title to this image says, this is a redraw of an older piece. You've gotta see how the first one turned out!

It was so fun to share these works! Love. Them. All. Confuzzledlion has an awesome gallery on deviantart, here's the link. Check everything out!

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