Monday, April 5, 2021

Feature 113--E-Ocasio

Loud House style Jem and Jerrica

Oh wow, who here remembers Jem and the Holograms? I've never seen Loud House but Jerrica and Jem fit so well in this style! In my opinion, E-Ocasio did so very well with the hair and dresses. And can I just draw attention to the rooms that he put these two into? The rooms look perfect in the Loud House style. We can see exactly how normal Jerrica's business room right next to the mirrors and light that Jem spends her time in!
Super work!


I love how very cute E-Ocasio has drawn all of these bees here. Especially that queen's crown! Those flowers are just so sweet, too.
To me, this looks like something that would be shared in a young child's book. The style fits perfectly, with just how adorable everything is? Love it!

New Year's Eve Wish

That yellow/gold fabric matches the rest of the design and colors so very well, giving the dark suits the push they need to bring the characters forward. I personally love how the gold hasn't swallowed up the woman's blonde hair. And it's oh so pretty how we can clearly see the snow outside the window.
Speaking of the suits; look how well E-Ocasio has drawn that tuxedo the man's wearing!

I personally enjoy the style that all three of these were done in! Here is E-Ocasio's deviantart gallery so you can see even more of his work. Don't forget to check out the folders along the top to see types of work that E-Ocasio has done

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