Thursday, April 1, 2021

A Change to the Site and Small Discussion!

It's kind of a minor change but it's going to be a lot more interesting for you than the drip feed of wips and so much easier for me. XD I hope that you'll enjoy it!

On the Art page, you will notice that I've added another button named 'Games' and, at the moment, it's currently showing what I've built in Minecraft.

To give credit where it's due, I'm using a resource pack and the maker of this one knows exactly how to make things in Minecraft especially gorgeous.
--The resource pack I'm using: Natural Realism Resource Pack 1.16.1  (this requires Optifine)
--The maker of said resource pack: SCtester

And ooooh the ideas and plans I have for what to build! Right now I have to finish V'aeonn's castle, then build out more for the town that is not too far away. Not to mention the wall around the castle's ground that should and will (eventually) be built.
So very many ideas at the moment!

Now, for my artwork. I will gladly continue to share that here but it will be the finished stuff so that I don't get so trapped up into the wips like I did before. That was honestly driving me crazy and I'm sure, by the end of it, it was also driving you mad. I apologize! But now we have much better to enjoy for Thursday posts.

Thanks for hanging around!

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