Monday, February 22, 2021

Feature 107-- Nenril-TF

 I feel like I need to write a short warning. There is a bit of nudity here; nothing that's horrible, but there is a clear naked bottom in one of these pieces. So take this as your warning for nudity in one of these pieces. Thank you!

Number Five

Ooh, a character from Umbrella Academy. Can't claim to know anything about the show but I enjoy that background. The blood pattern really interests me and it makes me wonder about the blue. Granted that it may not be blood, it can just be fire, but just look at how it drips down onto the bottom of the canvas.
It makes me wonder so much about that smile that Number Five has on his face. Is he perhaps responsible for the pattern in the back? Is he maybe trying to clean it up with that blue/water? This is such a fun piece, love it!


In Pieces

I am half sure that I shared this piece before. But I really do enjoy it; it's a joy to get to see this one again! But doesn't the piece just look so beautiful while it's ripping itself apart? It's like the flowers and vines just hide the pain that these two are feeling. Doesn't one often have to hide their pain while they're falling apart? Or if it's just that these two have torn apart from their relationship, it must be miserable.
Gorgeous piece!



Wonder if the background is a moon or just here to set off the dark colors that the character is wearing? In a way, I hope it is a moon. I think it would help tell the character's story all the more. Granted that's just my idea. Read the artist comments to see who and what the character is all about!
Personally, the clothing and weapons work so well together. Makes me think the character is maybe in an assassin or thief class while being an explorer. And just look at the cape the character's wearing. It's so neat to see the pattern on the side that would be hidden.
I really can't say enough about this one! Awesome piece.

It's so fun to go through Nenril-TF's gallery! I personally enjoy all the use of color and especially how she has designed everything. It's like going on a great mental tour; so you have got to check it out. If you have a dA account, don't forget to leave her a good comment!

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