Monday, November 23, 2020

Feature 95--EdgyCat-Wolf

OCeptember Day 23: OTP

These are two of EdgyCat-Wolf's characters, Ashe and Glacile and aren't they both just adorable? Glacile in back is adorable, I really love his ice-stone and his open eye. And I would be remiss if I didn't squeal about his pointy collar/necklace. And the other character! Ashe is an adorable Flareon, isn't she? I absolutely love how fluffy her fur on her head and chest looks; it makes me want to run my hands through it. (If she'd allow me. It wouldn't do to have my hands burnt off!)

OCeptember Day 26: Crackship

Here's Ashe again! This time with a character called Nate wrapped around her. These two make such a cute couple, don't they? And the colors definitely play off each other very well, I personally love that!
It's a shame that Nate seems to have lost his'd have to have been one of those poke battles that often happens. Poor dude!

[collab] I love my son sm

This feature ends with a very pretty Alolan Sandslash! Isn't the ice on its back just gorgeous? So sparkly! I personally love how its eyes match the colors in the ice and its that normal for an Alolan version or was this a well done fanart choice? I've never had the honor of playing those particular games...
Beautiful work!

If you'd like to see little comics to do with many of these characters, check out EdgyCat-Wolf's deviantart! As you've seen, the style is so very cute and the stories that I've read in the comics they drew are really well written.

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