Thursday, November 19, 2020

"Get Off Me!" v.2 and a bit of blab

"Get Off Me!"

Plenty of work to be done on this, up to and including actually drawing Valeon and the Zombie. My tutor gave me a suggestion of extending the post that Valeon's against so I can see the perspective a little better; since my front two tombstones aren't exactly on point...that shouldn't be so hard!

We also had an interesting conversation about how my current way of lining and painting things are blocking out my artistic "voice". I never really thought about that! He mentioned an artist or two to look at for examples and to try to allow my lines to be a little more sketchy, instead of what I'm doing now. It'll be interesting to play with that when I get the courage.

I have to say that the artist that my tutor brought up has some gorgeous paintings, by the way, and I'd be wrong to not share. John Sargent!

Edit: Finally faced my terror to redo the background with looser pen lines. This is what I've come out with! The tombstone is much more in perspective and the tree is now in possession of roots.

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