Monday, November 16, 2020

Feature 94--GPAD


This character seems to be from a 'slice of life' anime called GnochiUsa and didn't GPAD do an amazing job with the pose and color? I personally really enjoy how that flower is in her hair and her eyes are adorable. I wonder how long that bow around her neck took? But the tray and cup seem to finish the character perfectly. Excellent work!

Lucy Nelson

Swords and guns, the only thing that a character needs for their protection. Bet that she's good with them too! And take a good look at the perspective in this one. Everything from the gun in her hand and the turn to her skirt, to the hallway follows it! In my opinion, the light and shadow plays super well in this image and I really enjoy how it plays at hiding her face. I love this whole thing!


I haven't mentioned in every piece, but doesn't GPAD do awesome with the hair in all of these? And I also wonder why this character is named the same as a weapon...granted it's anime. It could be anything. Also, I enjoy just how well that uniform has been designed!

I loved seeing the work that GPAD has done; it's always fun to see other artist's ways of drawing characters and how they play with the light in scenes. Here is the link to his deviantART gallery so you can enjoy all of it too! 

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