Thursday, November 12, 2020

Giving Valeon trouble, again.

"Get Off Me!" v.2

Nowhere near finished with this version but I think it's going to be amazing, in comparison to the original! Here is hoping that the skeleton and zombie turn out as well as they do there! (And they should, right? Especially after taking it into Corel Painter to finish!)

Currently, I'm pretty happy with how the Zombie is shoving Valeon into that taller gravestone. It matches a ton better than that big rock from before. ...I might still have to move it to the right a little bit but we'll see. These dolls appear to be a hair large for the setting too, don't they? I'll be sure to post whenever I test out their sizes again.
Two folks have given me some great critique, mentioning that Valeon's left hand ought to be on the Zombie's wrist, as if he's trying to stabilize himself or shove that hold loose. So many thanks to you too, friends!

As for that MS spell I was complaining about last week; I'm feeling a good deal better. Took my last prednisone on Sunday and my vision is a lot less blurry. It will hopefully be a long while before I end up having to pause like that again. Thank you so very much for your patience!

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