Monday, November 9, 2020

Feature 93--ReggieJWorkshop

King of Wakanda

I have got to start by appreciating how very well this character was built and painted. He certainly looks like a king and an excellent humanoid figure! The skintone is amazing and it isn't at all swallowed up by the dark armor, thanks to the very pretty fireball light behind Black Panther. Amazing piece!


Again with that gorgeous skintone! Gosh, I've got to take time to learn how to paint a character with darker skin sometime...How could I avoid doing so with such great examples before me? Love how that earring and hair match with her skin and even more so with the oranges of her clothing! It'd be fun to sit with her and just chat about the day, don't you think? 

Seventies Night Club

ReggieJWorkshop mentions that this piece was to give a stab at how a youtube artist, Marco Bucci, does his art. (It'll be worth my time to check out Marco Bucci myself!) I think that this group of characters work perfectly for a night club scene; it reminds me of how everything looked when I was watching some late night 70's music shows.
Have some fun to try to remember some of these characters, while you're looking! ReggieJWorkshop mentions that Snoops from Rescuers is in here, along with many other cartoons from the '70. How many can you point out?

I think it's very clear that I had fun featuring these, right? You'll do yourselves such a favor if you go to ReggieJWorkshop's gallery to see even more of his work! He has so many characters and so many scenes to check out; have fun!

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